New Lent Holy Day Package For Parishes

Hallow App Lent 2021 Holy Day Parish Package

As we approach Lent this year, we realize how challenging the past 12 months have been. Many of us faced physical, economic, and spiritual hardships that we had never faced before.

Along the way, we at Hallow have been working hard to help support our local Catholic communities. We’ve worked especially hard to support our healthcare workers, active duty military & veterans, and the recently unemployed.

For Lent, we want to take one step further and provide a way for parishes to support the mental and spiritual health of ALL of their parishioners.

Hallow Overview

Hallow is a Catholic prayer and meditation app that helps users deepen their relationship with God through audio-guided contemplative prayer.

The app has over 1,000 individual prayer sessions and with 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 minute options, Hallow truly has something for everyone.

Hallow, the #1 Catholic app for Lent

Hallow is free to download and has permanently free content, as well as a premium subscription called “Hallow Plus” that includes the rest of the content library. Hallow Plus is usually $60/year.

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Hallow Lent Holy Day Package

For a limited time, parishes can purchase Hallow Plus for ALL of their parishioners through Easter Sunday for $500 flat.

  • Parishioners will be able to sign up for Hallow, no credit card required, and get full access to all our 1,000+ individual prayers, including our daily Lenten meditations (see below for further details).
  • We will provide launch materials including email templates, social media posts, and (where applicable) physical parish kits.
  • We will provide a live online training for parish staff and volunteers on how best to use Hallow in a parish setting
  • We will help you set up in-app prayer groups where parishioners and ministry leaders can share intentions, prayers, and reflections
  • During Lent we will host virtual community prayer nights that your families can join to pray together while socially distanced.

After Easter, each parishioner can decide whether they would like to stick to Hallow’s permanently free content or continue with Hallow Plus. If they continue with Hallow Plus, they will receive a 20% discount through your parish code.

Want to Learn More?

Schedule a time to chat with a Hallow team member using the scheduler below or send us an email at

Real Impact for Real People

“This app has been an answer for my weary soul. Tears pour as I try to impress on you how deeply I am impacted by the guidance of simply being with God. This is where my soul is finding peace for the very first time.”

“Hallow right now is bringing me back to my faith and I will see where it goes. I abandoned my Catholic upbringing because I struggle with religion being the root of so much division and war in our world. I’ve just recently introduced Hallow and am taking great comfort in welcoming God back into my life. ”

“As a working mom of 2 under two, sometimes it has seemed impossible to prioritize a prayer life. Hallow has given me a simple way to take time out of my day to be with God. I love that the sessions can be different lengths depending on how much time I have! It’s been life changing.”

“Thank you so much for this app. I’m only 14, but I learned that the more I pray the closer I feel to God, which leads me to complete Joy. I’ve used this app for a couple of days now and I’m in love. You’ve encouraged me to become closer to the Bible and the word of God. Thank you so much, you changed my life.”

The Hallow #Pray40 Lent Challenge

We are excited to offer special daily meditations from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.

In honor of the year of St. Joseph, the #Pray40 challenge will be focused on growing in the virtues of the patron saint of the Universal Church, including humility, hiddenness, obedience, chastity, justice, and love of the poor.

There will be a new type of prayer each day to build on the theme for the week. A few highlights:

  • Prayers to grow in humility and obedience
  • The Seven Sorrows Rosary
  • Examinations of Conscience
  • The Litany of St. Joseph
  • New Hallow Music
  • The Stations of the Cross
Pray Every Day This Lent

The Pastor Perspective

“I love ya’ll so much. I’m a Priest and I love love love this app. I get so much out of it. God guided me to this app … but I wanted ya’ll to know that I am so grateful for what you are doing. You have no idea how deeply I’ve been touched by this app and I’ve only used it like half a dozen times. I can tell that this is going to deepen my relationship with Christ and His Holy Mother such as I’ve never experienced before.

So much of modernity is a constant frenetic juggle of tasks, and just having something to cause you to sit down and meditate on God is so invaluable to this world. It always has been and this need will only continue to grow. I literally have no criticism to give, everything is so well done and Providential, I’m amazed.

May God continue to guide you all so intimately, and may we abandon ourselves to His Divine Providence, the ultimate of all spiritual exercises. Amen.”

Seriously, we would love to serve your community

Schedule a time to chat with a Hallow team member using the scheduler below or send us an email at

Authentic and Accessible

“Hallow is an excellent resource for people searching for deeper spiritual lives, especially the younger generation of Catholics today. It helps make clear that a relationship with God is and can be extremely personal and can be a great source of peace, joy, and strength.”

Bishop Kevin Rhoades (Fort Wayne / South Bend)

“Prayer is the best way to prepare to meet the Lord when He comes. Try the Hallow App”

Fr. Mike Schmitz (Diocese of Duluth)

“Hallow really brings to light many different ways to pray. For anyone who feels they’ve been praying the same way for years, Hallow can completely renew the way that you interact with God on a daily basis.”

Mike St. Pierre (Executive Director of Catholic Campus Ministry Association)

“Without prayer, we will never recognize the presence of God that nourishes the core of our being. Hallow is a vibrant new tool for helping our generation reclaim such prayer in our lives!”

Jackie & Bobby Angel (Speakers and Authors)

We can’t wait to connect

Schedule a time to chat with a Hallow team member using the scheduler below or send us an email at

Not Just For Lent – Other Exciting Content on Hallow

We are incredibly excited to be able to provide access to Ascension Press’s Bible in a Year podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz. It launched as the #1 podcast in the WORLD and is pretty awesome. You should really check it out.

Listen to 14 albums with over 100 songs, including 3 brand-new hallow original and exclusive albums. Genres range from traditional chant to contemporary worship, all curated to help you grow deeper in your relationship with God.

Hallow Music

Unwind at the end of the day with God in prayer. Our Bible Stories and Sleep Meditations will help you find peace by resting in God’s Word.

Bible Stories and Sleep Meditations

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