How to Pray: Pirate Prayer

Hallow App How to Pray Pirate Prayer

The Pirate Prayer gets its name from the acronym “ARRR.” (Like a pirate, get it?!) This acronym is a helpful guide to prayer. You can pray this at any time and can do it over just a few minutes, or over a longer period of prayer. 

A – Acknowledge – Take a breath and acknowledge that God is with you and that you desire to grow closer to Him. Take stock of how you’re feeling, your thoughts, what is on your heart and mind. 

R – Relate – Share with God everything that came to mind. Be completely real with Him and don’t hold anything back, even things that might be hard to share. 

R – Receive – Now, quiet yourself and try to be open to what God says back to you. Maybe He speaks to you through a Scripture verse that comes to mind, or a thought or feeling. Maybe you don’t hear anything, and that’s okay! God speaks even in silence, and loves when you simply rest with Him there. 

R – Respond – Lastly, make a commitment to respond to what this time of prayer revealed to you. You could feel called to continue to pray about something that came up, you could decide to take some sort of action…ask God to help you see what concrete step you can take with His help. 

You can close your prayer with more time in silence, with an Our Father, or any prayer that is on your heart. 

We’d love to pray the Pirate Prayer with you on Hallow! You can try the Pirate Prayer in Minute Reflections (2 minutes) and in Sleep Meditations (for 5, 10, & 15 minute options). We also have a guest session on this type of prayer if you’d like to learn more!