Our Story

By Alex Jones, CEO

The Beginning

I grew up Catholic, but fell away from my faith and became fascinated with secular meditation. Something, though, was always missing.

It felt like I was being pulled towards something spiritual, something more. So I started asking everyone if there was any sort of intersection between meditation and faith, and what I found changed my life.

Our Team

The Holy Spirit quickly pulled together our amazing team and we began learning about the Church’s beautiful tradition of prayer. Not just what we all knew from grade school, but deep and transformative contemplative and meditative prayer techniques. We suddenly weren’t going through the motions, but really listening for and growing closer to God.

So we quit our jobs and began building Hallow. We launched the app at the end of 2018, and have just been working to make it better ever since.

Alex Jones


Erich Kerekes


Alessandro DiSanto

Head of Growth

Abby Fredrickson

Head of Content

Bryan Enriquez

Head of Customer Success

Joe Fredrickson

Content & Programs Lead

Chris Anderson

VP of Engineering

John Paul McKean

Lead Android Engineer

Chris Beno

Lead Audio Engineer

Mark Sutor

Audio Engineer

Taylor Buckley

Growth Marketing Lead

We’re incredibly blessed to now be the #1 Catholic app on the App Store and have over 4 million prayers completed

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