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Try out our content across a range of different techniques including Christian Meditation, the Examen, Taize Chant, Spiritual Writing, the Rosary, and Lectio Divina.

Daily Gospel and Rosary

Meditate on the Church’s Daily Gospel passage and pray through the daily mysteries of the Rosary with our audio sessions.

Background Music

Add background music to any session – choose from either a soothing ambient tone or Gregorian chant.

Whenever and wherever

Choose anywhere from 5, 10, or 15 minute sessions to fit your schedule. We know that your days are busy and it’s sometimes hard to find a spare moment, so just pray for however long the day allows.

The goal of meditation is to connect with God. This app will change your life.

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Praylists and Challenges

Choose from our Praylists on topics like Humility or Calm and discover the meaning behind traditional prayers like the Our Father and Stations of the Cross in our Challenges.


Love a session in particular? Simply click the star icon to favorite it and then access your personal list of favorites from the Discover screen.

Track Your Progress

Track your prayer streak by using our calendar view to see how many days you’ve prayed any given month. You can also set your own weekly goal and see how you perform against it each week.

Select Your Guide

Choose from two different voice guides, Francis or Abby, to guide you through your sessions. You can change your voice guide at any time via your settings.

Listen Offline

Need to travel? Want to save sessions for a flight or for a bad internet connection? Simply download the sessions for offline listening.

Built-in Journal

Jot down reflections from your sessions into your prayer journal to help you bring your prayer into your day. You can edit or revisit your thoughts anytime.

My experience with Hallow so far has revolutionized my prayer life.

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