How to Pray: ACTS

Vocal Prayer Chapter Illustration

ACTS is a simple, but powerful way to pray. The acronym helps us remember the steps of prayer, and act as a guide to open up our conversation with God. 

In this way of praying, follow the acronym ACTS – Adoration, Contrition, Thankfulness, Supplication. 

Begin with the Sign of the Cross. 

A – Adoration: Begin your prayer in adoration and praise of God. Let yourself be filled with wonder at who God is and how He desires to be with you, always. If you want inspiration, you can pray with a Psalm of praise such as xxx

C – Contrition: Next, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you your sinfulness and need for God’s mercy and grace. Name to God particular sins you need forgiveness for.

T – Thankfulness: Spend some time now thanking God for the gifts in your life. Try to notice the gifts you often take for granted. 

S – Supplication: Lastly, lift up your cares and concerns to God. Pray for the people in your life, for those who are suffering, for the needs of all people throughout the world. Ask God to show you who to pray for. 

Close your prayer with time in silence with God, an Our Father, and the Sign of the Cross.

You can pray ACTS on Hallow! For a short version, check out the Minute Reflection. If you’d like a longer versions, you’ll find it in the Sleep Meditations.