Solidarity HealthShare Announces Hallow App as New Member Benefit

Hallow - #1 Catholic Meditation and Prayer App

TEMPE, Ariz., Sept. 21, 2022Solidarity HealthShare proudly announces the addition of a new mental and spiritual health benefit provided to Solidarity Members.

Solidarity Members now have access to Hallow Plus, Hallow’s premium subscription service, at a discounted rate to strengthen their personal prayer and meditation practices. Hallow is the #1 Catholic app in the App Store and features audio-guided prayer, meditation, music, scripture, and sleep content.

In memory of the passing of Angela Faddis, the late wife of Solidarity’s co-founder Chris Faddis, 10 years ago today, the first 500 Solidarity Members that take advantage of this new Member benefit will receive access to Hallow Plus and its expansive library of faith-based content, completely free.

Starting also today, we are inviting Solidarity Members and all Catholics to join us in praying the Surrender Novena through the Hallow app. Angela’s tremendous faith in the midst of terminal cancer inspired the founding of Solidarity HealthShare and encouraged thousands to trust and surrender to Christ.

“Everything we do is surrendering to God and His will with joy.” – Angela Faddis

Chris Faddis, president of Solidarity HealthShare said, “We are thrilled to partner with Hallow and provide this effective tool for Members to strengthen their prayer life. We’ve seen firsthand how prayer has helped our Members navigate medical crises and believe this app can offer critical support – most especially when they face challenging circumstances.”

Hallow will serve as a tool for Solidarity Members to both strengthen their mental & physical health, while also deepening their personal relationship with God through a rich and diverse library of resources, including:

  • Meditations & reflections on overcoming common emotional wounds by Dr. Bob Schuchts and Sr. Miriam James of the John Paul II Healing Center.
  • Talks and exercises on combating addictions with Dr. Anthony Isacco of Chatham University’s School of Health Sciences.
  • Sessions on understanding and overcoming stress & anxiety with Regina Boyd, LMHC, founder of Boyd Counseling Services.
  • Content focused on building healthy relationships between friends, family, yourself, and God with Dr. Gerry Crete, Clinical Director of Transfiguration Counseling.
  • Physical wellness content including prayers for resilience, reflective stretching exercises, and other inspirational athletic content from world class athletes & coaches, including Brett Favre, Jrue Holiday, Lou Holtz, Grace McCallum Brady Quinn, Harrison Butker.
  • Daily prayer content, including meditations and reflections on the daily Gospel.
  • Traditional spiritual content like novenas and litanies.
  • Prayers and Bible Stories geared toward finding peace before going to sleep, led by familiar voices such as Mario Lopez, Fr. Mike Schmitz, and Emily Wilson.

Launched in December 2018, Hallow is an accessible tool for anyone to develop or deepen their personal relationship with God, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. The app has already been used to pray more than 100 million times in more than 150 countries and is currently available in English, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese, with additional languages under development.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Chris and the Solidarity HealthShare team to help folks grow deeper in their relationship with God and build healthy habits of prayer. Ever since we first heard Angela’s story, we knew that this mission of surrender and trust in God was something we would be honored and humbled to be a part of,” said Alex Jones, Hallow co-founder and CEO.

For questions regarding Solidarity HealthShare, please contact 844-313-4999.

For questions regarding Hallow, please contact

About Solidarity HealthShare
Solidarity HealthShare is a healthcare sharing ministry offering Members an affordable, ethical way to pay for healthcare. Based on social and moral doctrine of the Catholic Church, we protect Members’ consciences by sharing the costs of life-affirming healthcare, refusing to participate in unethical medical practices. Our mission is to restore and rebuild an authentic Catholic healthcare system that promotes the sanctity of all human life, while facilitating the sharing of our Members’ medical expenses.

About Hallow
Hallow helps people deepen their relationship with God through audio-guided prayers, sleep meditations, Bible readings, meditations, and music. The app has over 5,000 sessions including a daily Rosary, daily Gospel, daily saint, novenas, examens, Father Mike Schmitz’s Bible in a Year, The Chosen’s Jonathan Roumie’s audio Bible, Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermons, peaceful Christian music, Gregorian chant, and so much more. Launched in December 2018, Hallow is now the #1 Catholic app in the world and has been used to pray over 100 million times across 150-plus countries.

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