Hallow Introduces Daily Gospel Widget

Hallow App Daily Gospel Widget

Preach the Gospel at all times.

Use widgets when necessary.

Hallow is excited to announce the launch of our Daily Gospel Widget, which will allow Hallow partners to share the Gospel with their communities each day.

The simple audio player embeds into most websites with a simple iframe embed. With a simple click, visitors to your website can experience a daily reflection on the Gospel from Hallow.

With the Daily Gospel Widget, parishes and schools can:

  • Provide a digital prayer resource that is updated daily
  • Give community members a reason to visit the site regularly 
  • Introduce Hallow and engage the community with the reflections and meditations that Hallow offers

We’ve made the Gospel reflection easy to share from the widget, so visitors to your site can extend the Good News more broadly to those beyond your current community.

The Daily Gospel Widget is free and available in several sizes. It is mobile responsive, so it functions well on both desktop and phone/tablet browsing experiences. 

To add it to your website, simply select and insert one of the following codes into your CMS:


<iframe class="hallowWidgetL" src="https://widget.hallow.com/en/l/index.html"></iframe><style>iframe.hallowWidgetL {border:0;width:100%;height:230px;max-width:800px;min-width:280px;}</style>


<iframe class="hallowWidgetM" src="https://widget.hallow.com/en/m/index.html"></iframe><style>iframe.hallowWidgetM {border:0;width:100%;height:190px;max-width:800px;min-width:280px;}</style>


<iframe class="hallowWidgetS" src="https://widget.hallow.com/en/s/index.html"></iframe><style>iframe.hallowWidgetS {border:0;width:100%;height:130px;max-width:800px;min-width:280px;}</style>

These codes will display the English widget with English reflections. Replace “en” with the following letters to use the widget in other languages:

  • “es” – Spanish (Spain_
  • “es-419” – Spanish (Latin America)
  • “pt” – Portuguese 
  • “pl” – Polish

The widget is embedded below to give you an idea of how it could look on your site:

Learn more about how your community can benefit from Hallow.

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