Hallow Press Release: Our Newest Partner, Dr. Scott Hahn

Hallow App Partner: Dr. Scott Hahn

We are so excited to announce our newest Hallow partner, Dr. Scott Hahn, who prays the Rosary and the Litany of Loreto on the app.

About Dr. Scott Hahn

Dr. Hahn serves as the Fr. Michael Scanlan Professor of Biblical Theology and the New Evangelization at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is also the founder and president of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. Additionally, Hahn has authored many books on Sacred Scripture, Catholic tradition, marriage and family life, and more.

Educational background

Hahn attended undergrad at Grove City College, where he studied Theology, Philosophy, and Economics. He continued his theology studies at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, earning his Master’s of Divinity. He then began as an associate pastor at a Presbyterian church in Fairfax, Virginia, in 1982. Just four years later, Hahn and his wife, Kimberly, entered the Catholic Church. Dr. Hahn then received his Ph.D. in Biblical Theology at Marquette University in 1995. Today, Dr. Hahn is a celebrated Scripture scholar, author, speaker, and president of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology.

Rome Sweet Home

Throughout his life, Dr. Hahn has written over 50 books and developed multiple Ignatian Study Bibles. One of his most popular books, Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism, is co-authored with Kimberly and details their conversion to Catholicism. Dr. Hahn largely credits his conversion to a renewed understanding of the covenant, what he calls “kinship with God.”

Hallow and Dr. Scott Hahn

Dr. Hahn has studied and worked to help people read the Bible “from the heart of the church” for many years. We hope our partnership with Dr. Hahn helps all listeners find truth, deepen their study of God’s Word, and love Jesus more through this discovery of the beautiful gift of the Bible. Dr. Hahn’s impactful and insightful reflections on Scripture are an inspiration to the team at Hallow, and we hope you enjoy praying with him on the app.

“If we do not fill our mind with prayer, it will fill itself with anxieties, worries, temptations, resentments, and unwelcome memories. Hallow is a great resource to help you pray more.”

Dr. Scott Hahn

Dr. Hahn’s Hallow Content

Dr. Hahn will lead us through the Rosary (Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous, and Glorious mysteries), the St. Jude Novena, and various readings from Romans.

St. Jude Novena

The St. Jude Novena leads us in prayer for hope and strength in times of struggle, pain, and challenge. St. Jude is often called the patron saint of “the impossible.” We are so excited that Dr. Hahn will lead us through this novena, which is prayed for hopeless causes and during desperate situations.

Bible Story: Letter to the Romans

Dr. Hahn’s reading of St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans is a testament to his personal conversion to Catholicism. Dr. Hahn also authored the commentary on Romans for the Catholic Commentary on the Sacred Scripture series. In this letter, St. Paul writes of his conversion to the faith, the grace God bestowed upon him (and us), and how to love Christ every day.

“First, I give thanks to my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is heralded throughout the world.” (Romans 1:8)

Dr. Hahn’s Bible Story includes various chapters throughout the epistle. In Dr. Hahn’s reading from Romans, we are reminded that Christ died for our sins so that “we might live in newness of life” (Romans 6:4) to love God and our neighbors. Dr. Hahn’s Bible Story includes the following verses: 1:1-15; 6-8; 14-15:13.

About Hallow

Hallow is a Catholic prayer and meditation app that helps users deepen their relationship with God through audio-guided prayer and music. The app has over 2,000 sessions including several novenas, the Rosary, daily Examens, litanies, music, Bible stories, Praylists focused on themes like love and humility, and so much more. In addition to this permanent content, Hallow offers several seasonal challenges each year for the Hallow Community to pray together. Launched in December 2018, Hallow is the #1 Catholic app in the US and Canadian app stores. Over 10 million prayers have been prayed using the app in over 150 countries.

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