Prayer Personality Type: Contemplative in Action

Hallow App Prayer Personality Contemplative in action

This name comes from the idea that, being grounded in prayer, you go out into the world and try to approach every situation with eyes opened to God’s presence. As a Contemplative in Action, you work to be the best person you can be. You desire to grow in holiness and virtue, and do so through self-discipline and leaning on God. You seek to understand and live out the will of God in your day to day life.

How to Pray: 

Because you find peace through quiet time with God, it’s important that you set aside time each day to be with God, even if it’s for 5 minutes. Through contemplative prayer such as meditation, you can calm your thoughts and become open and receptive to God’s presence. Get into the habit of ending your day with an Examen, so that you can learn how to notice God throughout your day and be open to his will. 

Try in Hallow:

Hallow Examen Illustration

Examen – try the Daily Examen or choose a themed Examen in the Praylists. 

Meditation – again, try the Daily, a themed one from the Praylists, or Unguided. 

Praylists – Choose a virtue, such as patience, you hope to grow in or something you are struggling with, and work your way through the prayers, asking God to shape you.

Saints who had this prayer personality: St. Ignatius, St. Teresa of Ávila, St. Catherine of Siena

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