St. Ignatius of Loyola – Feast Day, Prayers, Quotes, Patronage and More

St. Ignatius of Loyola
  • Birth: Oct. 23, 1491
  • Location: Spain
  • Death: July 31, 1556
  • Beatification: July 27, 1609
  • Canonized: March 12, 1622
  • Feast Day: July 31
  • Patron Saint of: Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), Soldiers, spiritual retreats

St. Ignatius of Loyola – Early Life

St. Ignatius of Loyola was born in Spain in 1491.

Ignatius dreamed of becoming an esteemed nobleman, but his life took a radical turn when a cannonball shattered his leg on the battlefield. The injury confined him to a hospital bed for several weeks. There, he discovered two books – one about the life of Jesus and another about the saints. Reading these spiritual works inspired him to give his life to Christ.

After his recovery, Ignatius retreated to a cave and spent the year in penance and prayer. He paid close attention to his interior life and the movements of the Holy Spirit. This experience inspired him to write the Spiritual Exercises (including the Daily Examen), one of the great Christian prayer techniques.

Road to Sainthood

St. Ignatius later gathered six companions and founded the Society of Jesus, known today as the Jesuits, the largest religious order in the world today, in 1540. Ignatius and his companions, like St. Francis Xavier and St. Peter FAber, spread the gospel fearlessly around the globe.

His community lives out their mission of finding God in all things, teaching the faith, and giving greater glory to God.

The year 2021 marked the 500th anniversary of Ignatius’s conversion and in 2040, the Jesuits will celebrate their 500th anniversary.

St. Ignatius Prayer

Several popular prayers are attributed to St. Ignatius, including the prayer for generosity:

“Lord, teach me to be generous. Teach me to serve you as you deserve; to give, and not to count the cost, to fight, and not to heed the wounds, to toil, and not to seek for rest, to labor, and not to ask for reward, except that of knowing that we are doing your will.”

As well as the “Suscipe” (Latin for “Receive”) prayer:

“Take, Lord, receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding, my whole will, all that I have and all that I possess. You gave it all to me, Lord; I give it all back to you. Do with it as you will, according to your good pleasure. Give me your love and your grace; for with this I have all that I need.”

St. Ignatius and the Anima Christi

One of Ignatius’s favorite prayers was the Anima Christi:

Soul of Christ, sanctify me.

Body of Christ, save me.

Blood of Christ, inebriate me.

Water from the side of Christ, wash me.

Passion of Christ, strengthen me.

O good Jesus, hear me.

Within Thy wounds hide me.

Separated from Thee let me never be.

From the malignant enemy, defend me.

At the hour of death, call me.

And close to Thee bid me.

That with Thy saints I may be praising Thee, forever and ever.


St. Ignatius and Your Prayer Life

Ask for St. Ignatius’s intercession when you need help discerning a big decision. Ask for his prayers when you’re recovering from surgery, or when you’re grappling with a significant challenge.

St. Ignatius of Loyola, pray for us!


Many elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities consider St. Ignatius their patron, including:

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