Prayer Personality Type: Devotional

Hallow App Prayer Personality Devotional

You see Scripture as a personal letter from God addressed to us. You are able to read between the lines and catch what is inexpressible and spiritual.  You have a passion for praying with and for other people. The beauty of liturgy, art, and music inspires you and brings you closer to God. You see God as the source of all love, and you desire to spread that love to others. 

How to Pray: 

Because you are drawn to beauty, dive into books of the Bible that are beautifully written: the Psalms, the Gospel of John, St. Paul’s letters. Use your creativity to pray through writing, art, and music. Because you seek to see the inherent dignity of every person, let your prayer lead you to love others either in person or by praying for them.

Try in Hallow: 

Lectio Divina – “divine reading” of Scripture, found in all praylists and as a Daily Gospel. 

Spiritual Writing Chapter Illustration

Spiritual Writing – each of the praylists has this type of prayer.

Music Chapter Illustration

Music Praylist – pray through sacred music and Taize.

Family Chapter Illustration

Hallow’s Family prayers – bring others into prayer by inviting them to share reflections and intentions.

Saints who had this prayer personality: St. Augustine, St. Therese of Lisieux

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