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  • "It's like Headspace or Calm, but for prayer"
  • "I need this app. It's put quiet, prayerful time with God back in my life."
  • "I hate quoting a old, over used cliche, but I've been very lost. And I think for the first time in a while I maybe found."
  • "My experience with Hallow so far has revolutionized my prayer life."
  • "I’m a Priest and I love love love this app. I get so much out of it"
  • "If anyone wants to start a prayer life, this is the way to go. I went from practically not praying at all to praying twice a day"
  • Hallow is an excellent resource for people searching for deeper spiritual lives, especially the younger generation of Catholics today. It helps make clear that a relationship with God is and can be extremely personal and can be a great source of peace, joy, and strength.

    Most Reverend Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades

    Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend

    Hallow is the practical tool that helps young Catholics today to “be still” and engage the God that is looking to step into their lives, to meet them where they are at.

    Father John Puodziunas

    CFO at Franciscan Friars General Curia (Global)


    • Daily Gospel & Rosary

      Meditate on the Church's Daily Gospel passage through Lectio Divina and pray through the daily mysteries of the Rosary with our audio guided sessions.

    • Praylists & Challenges

      Pray with 500+ unique sessions, reflect with Examen, meditate on the Litany of Humility, the Psalms, the Saints, and more more.

    • Night Prayer & Sleep

      Fall asleep in the peace of Christ with nightly Examens, Meditations, and Bible stories.

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    Engage with your parish families outside of Sundays. Help them ground their faith lives in a personal relationship with Christ through contemplative prayer.
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