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Hallow is the #1 Catholic app in the world. Get started helping your students find peace and purpose in a personal relationship with God, today.

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Finding Peace

We need silence to hear God’s voice. Hallow guided meditations help us find our mountaintop, get comfortable in the quiet, and prepare us to enter into contemplation with Christ.

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Finding God

God loves us and wants desperately to be in relationship with us. Hallow helps us answer God’s call by finding prayer techniques that work for where each of us on our spiritual journey.

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Finding Yourself

God has a plan for each and every one of us. By developing a prayerful approach to daily life, we are able to discern God’s will for us and to become both fully alive and fully ourselves.

Real People. Real Impact

Jim Gontis

Diocesan Director of Evangelization & Catechesis

“Hallow is an outstanding resource to deepen in authentic Catholic prayer and spirituality. It is good for all age groups and will be a very useful tool in the toolbox for all leading or teaching in parish religious education programs, Catholic schools, parish RCIA and adult education programs…frankly the whole gamut of ministries within the Catholic Church.”

Hallow Teacher


Catholic School Teacher

“I am a 7th grade religion teacher and have done these prayers with my students at the start of class for the last few weeks. They have really enjoyed praying this way and even look forward to it!”

Hallow Teen


High School Student

“I’m only 14, but I learned that the more I pray the closer I feel towards God which leads me to complete Joy. I’ve used this app or a couple of days now and I’m in love. You’ve encouraged me to become closer to the Bible and word of God. Thank you so much, you changed my life.”

Exclusive Teacher Benefits

Catholic school teachers, homeschool parents, and catechists not only receive discounted access to Hallow Plus, but additional benefits including:

  • Teacher guides recommending specific Hallow session by topic and grade level
  • Sample lesson plans for teaching and discussing topics in Catholic spirituality (e.g., Lectio Divina, the Examen)
  • Curriculum supplements supporting Hallow mental health content, developed in partnership with Catholic experts in psychology

Annual Hallow Subscription

$69.99 $55.99/yr (20% off)

Once validated, you will receive an email with your teacher discount code and info on additional teacher resources.


of teachers using Hallow in their classroom this year felt like their students found the time spent praying with Hallow spiritually rewarding


of teachers using Hallow in their classroom this year felt like their students were more focused or calm after praying with Hallow

Want to bring Hallow to your school?

Hallow passionately supports Catholic schools in the incredibly important work that they do forming our youth and young adults.

To that end, we have developed school-wide Hallow subscription options that come with 80%+ discounts on Hallow Plus for all students, faculty, and staff.

School-wide programs also included additional community resources, ongoing support, and much more.

Hallow Schools Classroom
Hallow App - Schools - Dailies

Hallow App - Schools - Praylists

Hallow App - Schools - Guest Sessions

Hallow App - Schools - Minute Meditations

Hallow App - Schools - Challenges

Hallow App - Schools - Music

Hallow App - Schools - Spanish Prayers

Hallow For Schools - Experience

Personalized Experiences

Hallow meets every student where they are in their faith journey with personalized recommendations pulling from a library of over 1,000 guided meditations, multiple guide options, and multiple background music options, making it easy to build effective prayer routines, regardless of experience level.

Guided Lesson Plans

Hallow teacher guides recommend specific sessions by topic and grade level, while curriculum supplements support lesson planning on various prayer techniques and provide group reflection activities.

Exclusive Mental Health Content

Developed in partnership with leading Catholic experts in psychology and pastoral counseling, in-app Hallow mental health sessions provide both educational and experiential content on key developmental topics including managing stress & anxiety, building healthy relationships, and dealing with addictive tendencies.

Authentically Catholic

Hallow App - Bishop Barron

Hallow App - Fr. Mike Schmitz

Hallow App - Bishop Rhoades

Hallow App - Bobby Angel

Hallow App - Jason Evert


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