Pray Every Day this Lent with Jim and Jonathan!

Meditate on the 7 last words of Christ this Lent with the two most famous and powerful portrayals of Jesus only on Hallow.

We’re stoked to share some love with you—get ready for a special treat! We’re sending you a limited edition Hallow Tumbler, absolutely free with your annual Hallow subscription.

But wait, there’s more! Your subscription isn’t just about the tumbler. Check out what else you will unlock:

🙏 Spiritually Enriching Content: Dive into over 10,000 collections of daily prayers, reflections, devotions, and Bible studies. And guess what? They’re voiced by Catholic all-stars like Bishop Robert Barron, Cardinal Tagle, Fr. Franz Dizon, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Jonathan Roumie, Scott Hahn, and many more.

🎶 Heavenly Tunes: Elevate your prayer time with our well-curated playlists featuring artists like Matt Maher, Catholic Lofi, Sarah Kroger, Brother Isaiah, and many more!

🎧 Learn & Grow: Get access to enriching audio-courses, challenges, and audiobooks like “Intro to the Devout Life” and “A Story of the Soul,” plus the entire Gospel in audio format.

💖 Make an Impact: Your subscription helps us keep Hallow the world’s #1 Catholic app and supports hundreds of ministry partners globally.

Hallow App Find Peace Illustration

Find Peace.

Let God bring you His peace with the Calm Praylist, Daily Saint, Rosary, Sleep Bible Stories, & more.

Hallow App Pray Well Illustration

Pray Your Way.

Choose from 3,000+ sessions, 5-60 minute lengths, 10+ guides, and 100s of music options including Gregorian chant.

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Build a Habit.

Make prayer a priority every day by setting goals, journaling, tracking streaks, and setting reminders.

Hallow App Jonathan Roomie Portrait

"Hallow has been transformative not only for me but for so many others. There's something for EVERYONE – meditations, prayers, music, the saints – making it impossibly easy to pray more!"

Jonathan Roumie (Jesus from The Chosen)

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