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  • "By far the best app on my phone."
  • "A huge gift for Christians of all stripes craving a more meaningful prayer practice."
  • "I hate quoting an old, over used cliche, but I've been very lost. And I think for the first time in a while I maybe found."
  • "I need this app. It's put quiet, prayerful time with God back in my life."
  • "I went from not praying at all to praying twice a day."
  • Although technology offers more harmful material than ever, there is also an unprecedented amount of inspirational content at our disposal. Like an oasis in the midst of a digital desert, the Hallow App sanctifies our screen time. Whether you're getting ready in the morning, walking to class, driving to work, or having trouble falling asleep, Hallow's prayer app will transform your screen into a window of grace and growth.

    Jason Evert

    Lust is Boring


    • Daily Gospel & Rosary

      Meditate on the Daily Gospel through Lectio Divina, on the daily mysteries of the Rosary, on the Daily Divine Mercy Chaplet, and more.

    • Praylists & Challenges

      Pray with 500+ unique audio-guided sessions on the Litany of Humility, the Psalms, the Saints, the Examen, and more.

    • Bible Sleep Stories

      Can't sleep? Fall asleep with God & Bible stories read by Jonathan Roumie, Fr. Mike Schmitz, and more!

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