“To be saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone.”
Pope Francis

The Church celebrates all holy men and women who have been canonized on All Saints Day, but we’re called daily to emulate the virtues of saints.

Pope Francis greeting crowd

"The saints are not superman, nor were they born perfect. They are like us, like each one of us. They are people who, before reaching the glory of heaven, lived normal lives with joys and sorrows, struggles and hopes."

Pope Francis (All Saints Day, 2013)

Growing in Faith With the Saints Each Day

Each and every day, saints can inspire us.

As we learn more about them and how to pray with saints, we realize that saints are not distant, unrelatable humans.

They are regular people who lived virtuous and faithful lives, regardless of what the conventional wisdom of their time suggested.

The USCCB even makes mention of saints in heaven “officially canonized or not,” suggesting there are more saints than we recognize today.

Saints can be around you right now, perhaps calling to you when you look in the mirror.

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