National Eucharistic Revival – Join Hallow at the National Eucharistic Congress in 2024

Hallow is proud to support the National Eucharistic Revival and National Eucharistic Congress taking place July 17-21, 2024, in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

80,000 Catholics will gather for the Congress for this profound experience, and we’d love to invite you to join the Hallow group in attending. Register here or via the link below using the CODE: ‘Hallow’. 

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About the National Eucharistic Revival

Launched on Corpus Christi in 2022, the National Eucharistic Revival’s mission is “to renew the Church by enkindling a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.” This grassroots movement is inspiring Catholics to truly and fully meet Jesus in the Eucharist, experience His love, and go out into the world and share it with others. 

I invite all Christians, everywhere, at this very moment, to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ, or at least an openness to letting him encounter them; I ask all of you to do this unfailingly each day. No one should think that this invitation is not meant for him or her, since ‘no one is excluded from the joy brought by the Lord.’

Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium 

The revival is divided into three years, each focusing on a different level of the mission: 

  • Year 1 – June 19, 2022 – June 11, 2023: Year of Diocesan Revival
  • Year 2 – June 11, 2023 – July 17, 2024: Year of Parish Revival 
  • July 17 – 21, 2024: National Eucharistic Congress
  • Year 3 – July 21, 2024 – Pentecost 2025: National Year of Mission

About the National Eucharistic Congress

This is the 10th National Eucharistic Congress in the United States, and the 9th was held 83 years before, in 1941. This will be an incredible experience to gather with Catholics from all over, draw near to Jesus in the Eucharist, and inspire wonder to go out and share His love with others.

We want to start a FIRE, not a program.

Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Chairman of the Board of Directors, National Eucharistic Congress
  • What: teaching, worship, fellowship, and guidance for sharing the love of Jesus in your local community 
  • Who: 80,000 Catholics and Jesus Christ in the Eucharist with hosts Montse Alvarado, Sr. Miriam James Heidland, and Fr. Josh Johnson
  • When: July 17-21, 2024
  • Where: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • How: Register today and prepare for the generational moment and Catholic event of the decade
  • Why: experience prayer and the Eucharist like never before; take part in reconsecrating the Church to the Father, through the Son, and in the Holy Spirit; be moved to share the Eucharistic love of the Lord in local communities

Pray with Hallow: Eucharistic Meditations

We invite you to pray now during the Eucharistic Revival and prepare for the Eucharistic Congress on the app. 

Prayers and Meditations 

  • I Am Here: “I Am” Meditations with Julianne Stanz and Bishop Andrew Cozzens 
  • Eucharistic Prayers with Bishop Andrew Cozzens 


  • Adoration, Vol. 1: reimagined hymns with Matt Maher 
  • Adoration Hymns with Kat Hammock
  • Music Praylist: Holy Hours 
  • Eucharistic Chant with Benedict XVI Schola

Guest Talks 

  • The Mass with Tim O’Malley
  • Food and Faith with Fr. Leo Patalinghug 

Bible Stories 

  • The Last Supper with Fr. Josh Johnson
  • Bread of Life with Bishop Andrew Cozzens

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Eucharistic Congress? 

80,000 Catholics will gather in Indianapolis, IN, from July 17 – 21, 2024, between the second and third years of the National Eucharistic Revival. 

What is the National Eucharistic Revival? 

National Eucharistic Revival is a grassroots movement hoping to renew the Church through a living relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist. The movement is divided into 3 years or parts: Year of Diocesan Revival, Year of Parish Revival, and National Year of Mission. 

Why is the Eucharist important to Catholics?

Harkening back to the Feeding of the Five Thousand, the Wedding at Cana, and the Last Supper, the Eucharist is the gift of Jesus to the Church – His constant presence with us. The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines it as the “source and summit of the Christian life.

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