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  • "Exactly what I need for Lent and a time of quarantine"
  • "I think using Hallow this Lent has made it the favorite most powerful Lent of my life."
  • "I prayed for a guide during Lent and I have found it! Thank you Hallow! 10 out of 10 recommend!"
  • "My wife and I have really been enjoying the app over this Lent and are super encouraged during this unsettling time."
  • "I need this app. It's put quiet, prayerful time with God back in my life."
  • "My experience with Hallow so far has revolutionized my prayer life."
  • Find Peace. Find God.

    Join #Pray40 for Lent

    Rediscover your faith and joining 17,000+ others starting Ash Wednesday in praying everyday with St. Joseph as your guide!

    Daily Gospel & Rosary

    Choose from over 1,000+ meditations updated every day, with everything from minute meditations to holy hours.

    Sleep & Bible Stories

    Close your day with Christ through a nightly Examen, or a Bible Story from Fr. Mike Schmitz or Jonathan Roumie!

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